These are my exam notes for preparing for the VMware VCAP-DCD exam. On this page I will post links and information that helped me to prepare for the exam.

Become a VCAP4-DCD

To achieve VCAP4-DCD, you must complete two core validation components:

  1. Be a VMware Certified Professional 4 (VCP4)
  2. Pass the VCAP4-DCD exam

Exam blueprint guide, download the latest version here

These are the sections and objectives.

Section 1 – Business Requirements

Objective 1.1 – Gather and analyze business requirements (e.g. current availability, manageability)
Objective 1.2 – Gather and analyze application requirements
Objective 1.3 – Determine Risks, Constraints, and Assumptions

Section 2 – Logical Design

Objective 2.1 –Map Business Requirements to the Logical Design
Objective 2.2 – Map Service Dependencies
Objective 2.3 – Define Logical Storage Design
Objective 2.4 – Define Logical Network Design
Objective 2.5 – Define Logical Security Design
Objective 2.6 – Define Management Design
Objective 2.7 – Design Backup and Availability Solutions in a Multi-site Environment

Section 3 – Technical Requirements

Objective 3.1 – Perform Current State Analysis of CPU, Memory, Storage, and Network Resources
Objective 3.2 – Determine Storage Solutions
Objective 3.3 – Determine Networking Solutions
Objective 3.4 – Determine Security Solutions
Objective 3.5 – Determine Host Class
Objective 3.6 – Determine DR, Backup, and Availability Solutions

Section 4 – Physical Design

Objective 4.1 – Transition From a Logical to a Physical Design
Objective 4.2 – Create a Physical Network Design
Objective 4.3 – Create a Physical Storage Design
Objective 4.4 – Size Hosts, Clusters, and Resource Pools
Objective 4.5 – Determine Virtual Machine Attributes

Section 5 – Implementation Planning

Objective 5.1 – Identify Test Areas
Objective 5.2 – Create Implementation Plan
Objective 5.3 – Create Installation Guide

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Demo of the exam format

Demo of the VCAP-DCD exam can be found at the VMware learning site: