Network Emulator Toolkit

Searching for a tool to simulate a poor network connection? Here is the solution. It’s called Network Emulator Toolkit (NEWT) and is available in a 32 Bits version and a 64 Bits version.

Network Emulator Toolkit 32-Bits.
Network Emulator Toolkit 64-Bits.

There is a new version of this tool, see the comment from Lonny Kruger. He wrote a blog about it.

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Marco works for ViaData as a Senior Technical Consultant. He has over 15 years experience as a system engineer and consultant, specialized in virtualization. VMware VCP4, VCP5-DC & VCP5-DT. VMware vExpert 2013, 2014,2015 & 2016. Microsoft MCSE & MCITP Enterprise Administrator. Veeam VMSP, VMTSP & VMCE.


  1. pleaseiwantthem

    OMG I was looking for this everywhere, thank you very much! 😀

    Is it possible for you to upload the latest version though? The one I use at work is from the latest Games for Windows – LIVE SDK. It has a newer installer (digital signature from March 2008 instead of January 2008) and a file version (in Explorer) of instead of

  2. chris

    the links above dont seem to be working , can this be fixed?

  3. Hello Marc,

    thanks for the post, but the dld-links don´t function. Can you reenable these?

  4. The links are for the NEW toolkit which has been gone for over a year. The latest version is delivered and integrated with Visual Studio.Net 2010. see my blog for more information

  5. The official release of NEWT is released in VS2010 as Network Emulation. Currently, VS2010 only supports using Network Emulation while performing a Load Test or some other type of automated test. However, I have created a simple UI that allows you to select a Network Profile and emulate that profile without having to fire up VS2010 and starting a test. Please see my blog at for more details.

  6. TC

    Does anyone have any documentation for NEWT?

  7. Niall McC

    The link no longer seems to work above – says I don’t have permission to download it from your account.

  8. I’ve change the download links, Microsoft changed my skydrive files. Al the Network Emulator files are gone. Now it should work again.

  9. len

    Please update links to download newt.

  10. mrpol


  11. len

    Thank you so much!

  12. gues1

    I am trying to configure windows network emulator toolkit but there is nothing seen in RT traffic monitor and packet monitor.
    Steps I followed were
    – Click New Channel, select DialUp56K
    – Click New link, configure the latency- upstream, downstream
    – Click new filter, add new filter for all and click close
    – Select toggle tracing
    – Start the emulation.
    What am I missing here?
    Please guide

  13. steve

    hi Marco,

    Thanks for sharing this standalone tool. I want to know about this tool’s “license”, is it a free software? I check the “about” it only says that it was made by Microsoft research Asia.

    Do you have any clue? thanks!

  14. Nick

    step 4, you must make sure that the toggle tracing is ON before step 5,not OFF. At the first,I am also be troubled in it,I found that “there is nothing seen in RT traffic monitor and packet monitor” is because the toggle’s OFF.

  15. Taylor


    Can this tool be used to create an an Ethernet bridge? Basically I want to use two NICs and hook a WiFi access point up to one of the NICs so I can use NEWT to modify the connection to an iPad.

    Is this something that can be done? How would I accomplish this if it can be done? There isn’t much info on NEWT that I can find.

    Thank you

  16. berne

    Hi Marco

    It seems to be a great tool but the links are dead.
    Please upate the files againg.
    I hope I’m not to late.

    Thanks a lot

  17. Berne, the links are working fine with me…

  18. ADD

    Hey, Marco. I want to know about how to set 6 periodic loss with 8 via this tool. Can you answer me? And next question If I want to set 2.5 periodic loss. I will can set it? Thanks a lot.

  19. Milan

    Is there a NEWT cleaner available. Recently I removed some files from the control panel and NEWT stopped working and displays some driver not installed when I opened. Then I tried to remove the NEWT from the control panel. Installer is showing this error message.
    ‘Could not open key: UNKNOWN\Components\3DAB……. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.’
    When I tried to repair, it says only applicable for installed programs. Now can’t repair, install or uninstall. Is there a tool available to clean up the NEWT program?

  20. Jochen

    Hi ther, just installed the NEWT. While testing with standard ADLS Setup I found no incoming packest (e.g. PING 100% loss). No way out. Whats wrong with that? Can anyone help? Local Firewall is disabled. Any additional Network settings necessary?

  21. technicalBitch

    Good tool but needs more detailed help files and/or video. At the very least, mouseover help for the parameters of the tool.

    Trying to emulate a WAN link that occasionally disconnects but unfortunately cannot get the traffic exclusions (i.e. traffic I don’t want disconnected) to work.

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